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Crank-up is a registered trademark of Francesco Pasotti, hereinafter "operator", is the owner of the website called “WWW.CRANK-UP.COM” and “WWW.CRANK-UP.IT” from now on hereafter "the site".

The site aims to bring together people who want to share a workout together through the features of the same. It is possible to share videos and pictures of sporting character created by themselves, and publish training and comments on own wall.

The site will be accessible via a registration by persons of age who will assume full responsibility for the information and images published.The users, when registering, must necessarily provide the complete details (name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail) and any other optional. Such information will be kept by the operator and treated in accordance with local regulations regarding privacy. The transfer of such information to third parties for purposes expressly indicated it will be possible only with the consent of the beneficiaries, to be expressed in advance when registering. Remains subject to the right of members to withdraw such consent at any time. Each registered user will be assigned individual username and password: these data will be kept confidential and guarded with the utmost urgency in order to prevent unauthorized access to your site. In case of breach of duty of care specified above, the user can be deleted from the list of members and be called upon to pay compensation for any damage caused to the manager. The user expressly exempts the operator from any liability arising from the publication of material prohibited by whom it is replaced using its user credentials.
The operator is obligated not to allow registration of users with credentials in whole or in part identical to those of other users.

Users undertake to use the services offered by the site in strict compliance with the law and the rights of third parties. The manager will ensure the correctness of user behavior and will be free at all times to remove material from the site considered against the law, informing the user via e-mail of the reasons of the removal.
Pictures and videos of children cannot be published on the site. The operator is specifically authorized to release the material received in ways that ensure the widest visibility. To the same end, the manager can change the look and feel of the material received without altering the content.

Users with the acceptance of these rules, give all the rights of commercial exploitation of material sent by them. In this respect, users should recognize and acknowledge that the development and exploitation of the material submitted was only possible thanks to the original handler, which is the exclusive owner of all site content (models, scripts, designs, music, software , etc.).. Users recognize and acknowledge that the material sent, once developed and modified by the operator constitutes a new and original exclusive property of the operator.

The operator shall ensure the proper sealing of the site, its maintenance, update and constant control over its content. However, it can not be held liable for any damage due to interruption of operation or accidental failures, defects of the Internet connection, a fortuitous event or force majeure. The operator has the unquestionable right to refuse publication of content is not deemed fit with the objectives of the service, without the exercise of this right may come of any claims for damages. The operator has the right to terminate, suspend or discontinue the Site, the only obligation to inform users with adequate notice.

This Regulation is the nature and effect of contract between the parties. The consent is expressed by clicking the "ACCEPT" or other equivalent that the operator will publish on the registration form.
By accepting, you acknowledge that you understand all the terms of this regulation and approve without conditions or reservations.

Under Article. 13 of D.Lgs. Of 30.6.2003 n. 196, CRANK-UP, in its capacity as owner of the processing of personal data, in the person's legal representative, informs users that the personal data supplied will be treated by it, directly or through third parties, as well as for carrying out its contractual obligations and to comply with its obligations under the law, regulations or Community legislation.Data processing means the collection, recording, organization, storage, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, diffusion, cancellation and distribution, or the combination of two or more such operations.
The data will be processed using instruments that guarantee security and confidentiality and can also be processed by automated tools to store, manage and transmit the data. CRANK-UP is the owner of the data provided and is therefore responsible for any updates or amendments thereto, with respect to changes communicated.Providing your personal information is required for the achievement of the objectives mentioned above, their failure to partial or incorrect conferment could have as consequence the impossibility to provide the services offered by the portal www.crank-up.com and www.crank-up.it.

- Use of Data
By accepting this contract users authorize CRANK-UP commercial use of their data, and specifically: ability to send email - SMS messages or advertisements by CRANK-UP and / or business partners, ability to use their data for purposes of market research and any wider use, subject to compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

- Information on the right to edit and delete data recording
In regard to the processing of your data, you may exercise your rights under Article 7 of the D.Lgs. 196/2003, and in particular, among other things, you have the right to obtain updating, rectification, modification and deletion of their data. Deletion and editing of data will occur in time spans technical requirements for each of the services listed above. You can exercise your rights sovradescritti, upon request, sending via email at info@crank-up.com or through the appropriate sections of the site.