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Question: How it works?.

Crank-up Answer:

1) Crank-up is a very intuitive and easy-to-use social network. You just need to:

2) Post day by day where and when you are going to play some sport. Remember to add information about the day (date, time schedule), the place in which you will be playing it and the sport. For example: 22nd November, Tuesday, Swimming, 8.00 PM at Virgin Active (Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna).

3) Wait for other athletes to answer your questions.

4) You can be contacted via email, texts or telephone calls.

5) Last but not least: SPORT SPORT SPORT!!!

D: A cosa serve crank-up?

Risposta di Crank-up:

Questo social network offre in maniera semplice e divertente la possibilità di conoscere altre persone  che hanno la tua stessa passione per uno o più sport. Ti permette, inoltre, di scambiare pareri, chiedere consigli sugli allenamenti, organizzare ritrovi e tanto ancora.

Question: I want to arrange a double tennis match and I need two players. How can I be sure that who accepts my invitation will actually attend the match?

Crank-Up Answer:

1) Crank-up is based on the great passion for sport that links all its users.

2) Competitiveness, respect and loyalty are essential principles for every sportsman. Crank-up cannot guarantee for the ethic followed by its users. In order to avoid any incorrect behaviour from the users we reccomend you to report the abuses to the Crank-up team.

Question: I have arranged a soccer match but at the last minute I realize that I cannot attend to it. What should I do?

Crank-Up Answer:

If you cannot attend the match you have to contact immediately the people that are going to attend to it or the person who arranged it in order to let he/them know that you will not be able to partecipate. If you can find a replacement let this know to the organizer.

Question: I have arranged a Volley match but too many users wants to partecipate. What should I do?

Crank-Up Answer:

1) Firstly try to be always clear in specifying the minimum/maximum number of members that you need in order to organize the match. If you still have too many members you can try to arrange a tournament instead of a single match (it could be even more funny). You can also choose to put the members onto a waiting list.

2) In the first instance, once reached the maximum number of players/engaged for the activity, just inform other people that in case of cancellation by somebody will be contacted. Otherwise, they could even attend the event, at their own risk, hoping in last minute cancellation.

3) In the second instance, a funny situation may occur: if the organized match/training can involve only two people and there are 8/9 requested just try to organize a mini-tournament. Rotation teams and much competition. What a great opportunity to meet other sporty people and train together.