Who we are and What we do

In this area, you can read what CRANK-UP propose you and what is its goal.
If you are a true sportsman like us, do not miss this opportunity!!

Crank-up is a sport lovers network
with the main aim of sharing this passion wherever and whoever wants to.  Are you an Erasmus student or a travelling manager who wants to jog in a park on the other side of the world? Whoever can log-in Crank-Up, you only need to love practicing sport together.

How it works?

1) Create your profile indicating day by day the city where you are, the sports you practice frequently or the ones you “would like to” practice and your ability in them.

2) Post day by day the sport you are going to practice, the place where you are intended to, the time of the day and do not forget to check if other athletes posted something you could be interested in.

3) If you like sharing sport with other people, wherever you are, accept the challenge.

4) And then CRANK-UP!

. How many times you have been in a place which is not your city and would have liked to share some hours of sport?
. How many times on the beach you would have liked jogging but none of your friends wanted to stop getting tanned?
. How many times nearby the Coloseum you would have liked to play tennis, but the only travel buddy was your tablet?

Managers, salesman, travellers, young people, whoever is often out of his town but does not want lo leave the opportunity to train and meeting people with whom sharing the same love for sport with CRANK-UP can do it!

Crank-up allows you to practice sport together and….wherever you are!

If you have any doubt about Crank-up you can contact us at: info@crank-up.it