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How many times have you walked around your city or town you live or work in thinking you would like to play the sport you love or just try a new one?  How many times have you felt like going jogging on the beach, riding your bike or just roller skating in the park but none of your friends wanted to join you?

How many times looking up at the Big Ben you would have wanted to make a game of tennis, but your only companion was your laptop?

If you are a Manager or a traveller in a foreign country, or just a fitness fanatic and you need to share your energy with other people, with CRANK-UP  you can do it.

Crank-up allows you to play your favourite sports, meet people and keep fit having fun... wherever you are.

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Create your profile pointing day by day the city where you are, the sports you practice all the time the sports you like or just the sports you would wish to try. Than point out your skills level.
Post day by day the activities you want to do, Specify your location and a suitable time and don't forget to check
if other athleths have posted activities you could be interested in
If you like to share your sport with friends wherever you are, accept the invitation